About Us

Sudsy's Superwash is one of two car washes in Pincher Creek.  Both Sudsy's and Cougar Car Wash offer in bay credit card acceptance for your convinience.  Sudsy's can handle your large vehicles such a semi's or RV's in our two large inside bays or our outside bay.  We also have two smaller bays for your cars and pickups.  Cougar is more suited to cars and trucks.  Both locations use the same wash systems, but Cougar now has a spot free rinse to keep your vehicle as shiny as possible.

Sudsy's has installed a solar powered hot water heating system to help preheat our wash water using Green Technology.  Come in for a tour if you are interested in how the system works. 

Both wash centers are locally owned and operated with an eye on the community! Sudsy's Superwash has long been commited to community charities and local sporting activities.We are proud to be located in southern Alberta, so close to Waterton National Park and so many of mother natures wonders.

Grace for Vets

Since 2004, Grace For Vets has honored veterans and service personnel with FREE car washes across the U.s.A. Hundreds of car wash organizations have participated in this program and the list continues to grow each year. Sudsy's is the sole Canadian participant this year. This program shows the car wash industry's united support of service personnel and provides Sudsy's with a unique opportunity to say "THANK YOU" to people who sacrificed for our freedom.